240 Minutes to go Live! The Fastest Time to Market to Get our Partnership Live with Mountain View

notchnco is honored to be a partner of Mountain View Real Estate Developers, working together to deliver cutting-edge solutions and achieve success in the industry.
The story of success behind Mountain View’s collaboration with notchnco started with a challenge. Mountain View was looking for a way to enhance their brand recognition and increase popularity for their upcoming event. They needed an innovative solution that would help them stand out in a competitive market, and that's when they turned to notchnco. notchnco's team of experts got to work immediately, providing Mountain View with the best service possible.

"True partnership is not just about sharing success, it's about working together to overcome challenges and turn obstacles into opportunities.” Said Yehia Elshayeb, Mountain View's IT Director. "When two companies come together with a shared vision and a commitment to collaboration, even the most complex problems can be solved, paving the way for a successful project and a bright future."

notchnco, successfully helped Mountain View Real Estate Developers obtain the green badge and verification on WhatsApp in just 4 hours. This achievement allowed Mountain View to enhance the communication method in one of their events. notchnco's commitment to excellence was evident throughout the project, with their team going above and beyond to provide Mountain View with the best possible service. notchnco was with Mountain View every step of the way, providing them with the support they needed to make their event a success.
With a team of experienced professionals, notchnco delivers top-notch service and cutting-edge solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries.

The collaboration between notchnco and Mountain View was not without its challenges, but notchnco’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions allowed the real estate developers to overcome the obstacles they faced. With notchnco’s innovative approach, Mountain View was able to obtain the green badge and verification on WhatsApp quickly, enabling them to build trust with their customers. Mountain View and notchnco are excited to announce their new partnership aimed at revolutionizing the real estate industry. The partnership will bring together the expertise of Mountain View and the cutting-edge technology of notchnco to create a more streamlined and efficient communication experience for the customers.

The partnership will involve the integration of notchnco’s chatbot technology into Mountain View’s online platforms, allowing customers to access important information. This will allow customers to have a more personalized and engaging experience when searching for their dream home.
notchnco’s CEO Bassem Nassif added, "We are excited to be partnering with Mountain View to bring the power of chatbots to the real estate industry. With our technology, we can help customers navigate the complex world of real estate in a more intuitive and user-friendly way."

notchnco is excited to continue its partnership with Mountain View Real Estate Developers. The collaboration between the two companies has been helpful in the success of Mountain View's event, and notchnco is looking forward to providing their top-notch service for future projects with them. notchnco’s success stories in the real estate industry is not new and the invaluable contributions of technological innovations is always the best solution to gain customers trust, satisfaction, and active long-term partnership.

About Mountain View

Founded in 2005, Mountain View embraced its journey with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the industry by adopting a unique vision of “bringing life to land and spreading happiness around us” standing on “Science of Happiness & Innovation” in accordance with international standards. Over the past 18 years, with a mission to building a lighthouse that inspires meaningful and happy communities the company has renewed its promises and confirmed its continuous dedication in delivering 16 distinctive projects, spread across three 3 main areas; West Cairo, East Cairo, and Coastal Projects, overlooking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, led by a team of thought leaders and qualified experts. Mountain View has become an icon of modern architecture, aiming to elevate residents’ quality of life allowing them to “Experience Happiness”. www.mountainviewegypt.com