Coca-Cola and notchnco Collab in the Launching Event of Coketails in Sahel

notchnco and Coca-Cola’s collaborate during the launching event of new coketail drinks at New Alamein. notchnco is proud to announce its recent collaboration with Coca-Cola for their latest event that took place last Friday at New Alamein in North Coast. The freshly released coketail drinks were served to the attendees during the event. notchnco was able to provide Coca-Cola attendees with chatbot broadcasts concerning the event. QR codes were sent to all the event attendees for entrance. notchnco’s collaboration with Coca-Cola was a very beneficial experience. Given that Coca-Cola is the most well-known and valuable soft drink brand in the world, we are really delighted to have had this collaboration.  Lina Azmy, Senior Trade Marketing Executive, commented, “Thank you to notchnco for their amazing service, it was seamless, and the team was extremely cooperative even with everything that was last minute! It was a great interface and really user friendly, I highly recommend for all future events.” The notchnco team was very excited during every step of the way working with Coca-Cola and helping them achieve the outmost for the event last Friday. Both, the Coca-Cola and notchnco team members worked hard and made sure everything went smoothly as it did. Gemma Fouda, Business Developer at notchnco, elaborated “It was very exciting to be a part of the Coketails event. It was really great working with the Coca-Cola team and seeing how dedicated they were to the project and the positive outcome in the end.”   Being a part of this event was an extremely proud moment for notchnco, and each action showed the dedication and hard work that each team member put into it. With our chosen collaborations across a range of verticals and sectors, we can't wait to share additional launches such as this event. The event was a big success! notchnco is very fond of every minute along the way of the event. notchnco works hard to provide clients of our partners in a variety of industries, with an amazing experience. Sales, customer service, and service marketing are three critical areas where notchnco wants to see improvement. Through the services we provide, our partners are able to deliver the greatest online services and consumer experiences across a variety of media channels. About CocaCola In the food and beverage sector, Coca-Cola is a leading global company that was established in the United States in 1886. In more than 200 countries, Coca-Cola beverages are consumed in excess of 1.9 billion servings per day. To develop more sustainable businesses and a better shared future that improves people's lives, communities, and the environment, Coca-Cola aspires to craft the brands and beverage options that people enjoy in order to refresh them in body and spirit.