Almentor onboarding their MENA potential customers via WhatsApp in in collaboration with notchnco®

Almentor, the leading video based educational platform partners with notchnco® to onboard more businesses in their B2B vertical. 
Due to the ever-increasing competition further propelled by the emergence of online education options, educational institutions were forced to evolve. Today, people have no trouble perceiving and treating education as any other market, demanding user and customer experiences worthy of their time, money and attention. And so, just like any other business,educational institutions and agencies have to market their brand. 
The platform was launched in 2016 to compensate for the lack of online learning content for Arabic speakers. With over 2 million successful learning experiences, and 80+ Enterprise partnerships in the MENA region, the platform offers a wide range of exclusive training courses and talks by distinguished experts who have succeeded in their personal lives and professional careers. Through its rich content, the platform supplies learners with unique solutions across a diversity of disciplines including health, technology, humanities, entrepreneurship, business administration, and many more. Almentor marketing strategies has been established to onboard new businesses who are interested in their wide range of educational content for businesses who are after their employee’s empowerment with education. With 200 Million active monthly users, WhatsApp was the right channel for us to choose to connect with our partners in the region. This makes it the ideal tool for education sector from marketing, through administration to learning.

 VP Business Development, Sally Metwally Sometimes potential customers aren’t ready to convert just yet; However, you shouldn’t discard these leads. After all, they have shown interest in your product be it a course, workshops, or a whole degree.
 We use WhatsApp channel to keep in touch, send regular updates about events, news and novelties, or keep their interest alive with rich media content.
This is your opportunity to be creative and reengage your prospects in a more instant and personable way than social media marketing campaigns could ever afford you. Almentor, number one educational content platform in GCC, chose WhatsApp engagement campaigns where it brings the brand closer to their potential customers across various countries.
We are so enthusiastic to support Almentor with all the tools to make such campaigns deliver on one of the key KPIs which is onboarding new businesses to enjoy a full-fledged educational platform full of the richest courses and classes.
 Founder and CEO of Notch, Bassem Nassif About Almentor Almentor is the online self-learning platform for Arabs, established by a team of entrepreneurship and business experts who have combined their expertise and unified their efforts to become pioneers in the learning industry. The platform aims to develop Arab learners and provide them with the necessary skills they crucially need to advance their professional careers and personal lives. In cooperation with hundreds of leaders, educators, and experts, the platform offers courses and talks in various fields such as human resources, management, lifestyle, drama, sports, business, corporate communication, and digital media. The platform currently has the biggest continuous learning library in the region, and one of the biggest, worldwide. With offices in Dubai, Cairo & Saudi Arabia, the video content is developed in-house.