Conversational Commerce is the Next Big Thing in Healthcare Industry. IDH Partners with notchnco to Deliver a Seamless Conversational Customer Support

WhatsApp is a feasible channel for this purpose as everyone uses it these days. And we can help hospitals utilise this channel. The healthcare industry can automate all essential tasks with notchnco® solutions, from generating prescriptions to tracking previous appointments to reaching out to doctors.” Every patient comes with their set of different health issues but does not get the specialised attention and care that they deserve. In such scenarios, message-based interactions make them feel that their healthcare provider is always with them, and is just one ping away. What conversational chat provides is continuous and personal access to healthcare whenever needed, making it easy for patients to access their care at a pace that works best for them. They no longer have to feel as if they have to travel from doctor to doctor each time they need a check-up or have a question about one of their vitals! This has been shown to reduce the number of visits required by those who don’t live within reasonable proximity of a health center or hospital. You can have a conversation with chatbots in the same way you would speak with someone you know personally – using words, phrases, and statements – to converse about various health issues. They are equipped to interact with humans by drawing context from their statements and often work through text or voice input that is enabled via Conversational AI. Healthcare chatbots can also access multiple services as well as data silos in a matter of seconds and present it to the users, in response to their queries. Being a conversational solution provider for one of the most distinguished healthcare provider, IDH is one of the great milestones that we were very privileged to achieve to collaborate with both teams from technology led by Eng. Mohamed Taha, and the Customer Experience led by Mrs. Bahira Yosry. We are very excited to share all our knowledge and expertise to provide best-in-class experience to IDH patients where we consider the time factor and accuracy are the main pillars for the success in one of the most advanced verticals contributes directly to the nation’s development. “We aim to deliver on what really matters for an enterprise to communicate seamlessly with their clients” Founder and CEO of Notch, Bassem Nassif. About IDH IDH is a leading consumer healthcare company in the Middle East and Africa with operations in Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and Nigeria and is proudly woman-led. A long track record for quality and safety has earned the Group a trusted reputation, as well as internationally-recognised accreditations for its portfolio of over 2,000 diagnostics tests. From its base of over 502 branches, the Company will continue to add laboratories through a Hub, Spoke and Spike business model that provides a scalable platform for efficient expansion. The Company remains committed to its core values of providing patient-focused care, supporting and enhancing its medical staff’s education and training, acquiring and sharing information effectively, while developing and strengthening its relationships with patients employees and business partners. IDH is also bound to its ethical values that emphasize integrity and fairness, as it strives for superior operational and financial performance.